…the website

This website’s name is a word play with the Red Wings, from Final Fantasy IV (which I love), and the fact that I like red hair and sometimes dye mine this color.

(About the images of the Red Wings: © Square Enix. Fair use, no copyright infringement intended.)


Éter Sonmi a.k.a. Isabel Ferreira.


Proofreader, editor, and translator (EN->PT).

Grammar, linguistics, and literature.

Sounds and music.

Sonar X3 and Audacity.

Steam, PC and iOS.

Highly emotional.

No one, really.

LoL (Latin America): Lírio

Hearthstone (America): Lírio#1668

Steam: Miyazawa

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eter.i.f.sonmi

E-mail: i dot miyazawa at hotmail dot com


2 responses to “About…

  1. Aêeee! Já está nos meus faves. \o/

    Bêjo na Belzita do cabelo – temporariamente – carmesim!


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