Back at last

It is not easy being a girl wanting to somehow enter the game industry.

I don’t have a body to offer, my body is not for sale nor rent. Neither is my sexuality or any hint I could possibly tip you that you will, even in a non-foreseeable future, even in your dreams, get into my pants. (Who would want that anyway? No one is that crazy.)

I don’t code. I don’t design.

I’m not famous at all.

I think a lot about sounds and I sometimes design them, but I don’t do that professionally.

I have no free time to play a whole lot of games and make some criticism about them. I have a sick mother, no father to back me up, and I need to pay my bills.

At the present moment, all I have are my words. And my thoughts.

Here is the place where I post them.

This place is long forgotten, though, and I have a lot in my mind. I can’t guarantee my posting will be frequent. All I can guarantee is that it’s going to be sincere like it is now.

This post is pointless and I feel like crying. I’m speaking with no one but myself.


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